Rattlemouth - Hopabout

Almost a decade after their last album, Rattlemouth regroup and re-emerge with a splendid new album. Rattlemouth's roots go back over 25 years to the great art-rock-punk community in Richmond in general, and to the amazing & legendary Orthotonics in specific. After the Orthotonics disbanded and saxist/vocalist Danny Finney had played in other types of bands, he got an itching to do another creative art-rock project and Rattlemouth were born. Since then, Rattlemouth have advanced to become Richmond’s pre-eminent eclectic and world-music based ensemble, thrilling area audiences with their “musical gymnastics for the body and spirit.” Danny has one of the most distinctive voices on tenor saxophone that I can think of; if you know his sound, you can hear 2-3 bars and recognize his playing (and unlike, say, John Coltrane, there aren't a million people trying to sound like him). Returning from the original line-up is the multi-meter drumming octopus Robbie Kinter, who can always find the groove of any song. The new members are my old friend George M. Lowe (some of you will remember his solo album from a long time ago "Don't Be A Fool") on guitar and bass clarinet and bassist Marc S. Langelier, both of whom play really well here.This still sounds like Rattlemouth, but there's a new direction as well. There's a lot of stylistic diversity on this album, as it contains groovers, quite complex pieces, things that fall somewhere in-between and a really good cover of Curlew's Paradise. Great job! Highly recommended.
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