Ravenstine, Allen - Four Stories 44 page book (due to size and weight, this is ONLY for sale in the USA.)

“Slim, 44-page perfect bound, paperback containing four stories. Illustrated by Mary Thomas.
These four stories were written while Allen was working and touring with the Cleveland band, Pere Ubu, and refer directly to those years. Previously published in The Cleveland Edition, The Re Records Quarterly and The Penguin Book of Rock and Roll Writing.
Allen Ravenstine was born in Canton, Ohio in 1950. In 1968 his parents were killed in a car crash. He was a student at Ohio State University when students protesting the Vietnam War were shot at Kent State. All universities in Ohio closed, so he left Columbus, where he was studying English literature, never to return.
In the following years he worked with an EML analog synthesizer and a Teac four-track tape recorder and in 1974 bought the Plaza, a ramshackle apartment building in Cleveland's inner city, which soon became the home of painters, poets, writers and musicians.
In 1975, he co-founded the legendary Cleveland band, Pere Ubu-in which he worked until 1988...leaving to become an airline pilot. Taking up music again in 2012, he appeared with Robert Wheeler in the film 'I Dream of Wires', recorded two album length records, 'Farm Report' and 'City Desk'.
In 2014, he released his first solo CD, 'The Pharaoh's Bee'. The critically acclaimed 'Waiting for the Bomb' followed in 2018. Allen lives in New York City with his wife Ann.”
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