Red Chair Fadeaway - Curiouser and Curiouser (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“Did this music REALLY fail to make even the Indie chart? Yes it seems it did.
And it must have been a disappointment to the 3 concerned that this snapshot of brilliant moments, this tapestry of acoustic delights, this glimpse into the future of music, fell on deaf ears.
In the early 90s people still insisted on listening to and buying no talent hypes like Sonia or Lisa Stansfield and other Brit Award junk
All the work which had been done earlier was doomed to be appreciated only by those who had long ago been give the keys by the founders of English Folk Rock and Pastoral Ambience.
You could listen to Red Chair Fadeaway forever. They discovered horizons others have not yet sighted”-rateyourmusic
  • LabelEnglish Garden
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