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Red Trio + Nate Wooley-Stem

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Nate Wooley trumpet / Rodrigo Pinheiro piano / Hernani Faustino double bass / Gabriel Ferrandini drums and percussion.

"The history of improvised music is full of successful and even magical first encounters, but more common are the occasions in which the musicians don’t have the hability, or the possibility, to find bridges of compatibility among themselves. Even when we’re in presence of great players, it simply doesn’t work. The encounter between American trumpeter Nate Wooley and the Portuguese Red Trio (Rodrigo Pinheiro, Hernâni Faustino and Gabriel Ferrandini) was one of those blessed by musical chemistry. They started to play in a concert right after meeting each other and the building trembled. After that, they recorded this CD and had other performances together, and in every occasion the music was magnificent. In his liner notes, Wooley writes about improvisation as an “utopian art practice”, considering that, this time, they were very close to achieve the ideal degree of a really “democratic social structure”. So, what you have here is a rarity... Use it as such."
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