Reed, Lou - Metal Machine Music (Japanese mini-lp sleeve)

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Beautifully packaged version of Lou's infamous album. I'm not really a Lou Reed fan or a MMM fan, but it certainly did predict certain aspects of alt-rock and noise-rock and noise very early. Anyway, I like the following reviews which I found on Amazon.

"I don't understand this as music. The fact that the majority of reviewers gave this 5 stars makes me feel very uncomfortable. Therefore I must attack!"

"Ow, quit it. Ow, quit it. Ow, quit it. Ow, quit it. Ow, quit it. Ow, quit it. Ow, quit it. Ow, quit it. Ow, quit it. Ow, quit it."

"Not a great album......but as a giant, metaphorical single middle finger gestured straight at the suits in the recording industry, it's outstanding!"

"5.0 out of 5 stars Lou Reed's finest work - but why no bonus tracks? This album without doubt represents the zenith of Lou Reed's output, although admittedly it's not everyone's cup of tea. I once heard a theory that it is an aural portrayal of the four seasons of the year, and it may just have something going for it, if you have another, closer listen, preferably with headphones. MMM Part One develops a number of bright, fresh spring-like themes that repeated listening make more apparent. These develop through MMM Part Two into warmer deeper tones, bringing forth images of summer, with some starkly conflicting themes towards the end, which presage MMM Part 3, which is strongly marked by a number of desperate aural clashes as each channel fights for supremacy. But all too soon it's winter, indicated by MMM Part 4's more sombre, rueful tones, the repetitive rhythmic theme which this music ends with symbolising the cyclical nature of time. Highlights must be the whole of MMM Part 3 (except for an annoying 30 seconds or so around 9:10) and the last six minutes of MMM Part 1, until just before it segues into MMM Part 2. I've read that Hal Leonard Music are still working on the guitar tabs, one can only hope they get them out there SOON. A couple of demos or studio outtakes would have earned this CD six stars."
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