Reed, Rob - Sanctuary II : 2 x CDs

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Rob Reed is the leader of Magenta and the Kompendium project, as well as other projects.
This is the second of his sincere and loving tributes to the music of Mike Oldfield, the person whose music who originally inspired Rob to become a musician!
Rob plays most of the instruments along with the great Simon Phillips on drums, and Anghard Brinn contributes wordless female voice. Helping with the technical duties are Simon Heyworth and Tom Newman, both of whom were involved with many of the classic Oldfield releases.
Basically this comes as close to channeling the feel of a great Mike Oldfield (think Incantations) as it is possible to channel, something that Oldfield himself hasn't done in a long time. If you love Incantations and Ommadawn, you will love this one.

“There's a well-known interview with Mike Oldfield in which he said that he was so disappointed that nobody had carried the torch forward that he had lit with 'Tubular Bells' - creating long form music; completely hand-played with real instruments; music that relied on emotion and melody; music you could lose yourself in. What I am trying to do with the “Sanctuary” albums is to carry that ideal forward.”-Rob Reed
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