Reed, Robert - Cursus 123 430 CD + 5.1 DVD

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"I've been working hard finishing the new Sanctuary IV album, but needed a break to clean the musical pallatte, so I really wanted to do something different. At the age of 8 I had two albums for Christmas, "The Sound OF Music" and "Tubular Bells". The latter defined my musical path. That Christmas my brother had Jean Michel Jarre "Oxygen" as his present.
Over the years, and especially of late, I've realised how much of an influence that electronic music has been to me over the years. From Jarre to Vangelis, from Ultravox to Depeche Mode, from John Carpenter to Tangerine Dream. This is the resulting album... "-Robert Reed

“A new synthesizer based album inspired by the music of Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis and others would sure be interesting enough to order without pre listening.
Last week I received the package and after a few listens I have no regrets buying this... Knowing the music of the artists who inspired Rob (and personally having a favor for the music of Vangelis above JMJ's music), I just love this new JMJ record! JMJ record? Yes, when I listen to this, it's mostly inspired by his music. And it's very well done. In my opinion Cursus 123 430 has no weak moments. It's a very coherent and enjoyable album from start to end with some great moments.”
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