Reich, Steve - Live 1977: From The Kitchen Archives

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Steve Reich was a significant formative influence on my tastes; I first heard him when I heard "Music For Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ" on the radio (!) in spring, 1976. I had never heard music that beautiful before. My parents somehow tracked down the 3 lp DGG box set for my 18th birthday, which is what I wanted more than anything, and off into the land of minimalism I went. I was working at my first record store job when DGG announced that they were doing another album by Reich, which never appeared, but eventually surfaced on ECM as the magnificent "Music For 18 Musicians", which was and still is one of the great albums of all time for me. And starting around 1978-1979 or so, Reich was well enough known that he and his ensemble starting playing in DC and I saw him about 5-6 times until the 90's. Anyway, this is a long introduction for this excellently recorded album of Steve's music, including some early works including a great version of Pendulum Music, which I had never heard before. Also included are: Six Pianos, Violin Phase, Music For Pieces Of Wood and Drumming-part Four. I can only imagine what else is in The Kitchen's tape archive....
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