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The recordings of Four Organs and Music In Similar Motion are NOT the versions on the Shandar albums!

“Information, Transmission, Modulation And Noise is a set of recordings featuring works by Steve Reich and Philip Glass.
During an interview recorded at the KPFA radio station, Steve Reich and Jon Gibson introduced an east coast performance of Steve Reich's masterpiece, Four Organs, as well as an exciting recording of Ghanian drumming which the artist recorded in Ghana. They also introduced the music of Philip Glass, playing a tape of his historical Music In Similar Motion.
Four Organs by Steve Reich, was performed live in NYC in November of 1969 by Steve Chambers, Art Murphy, Philip Glass on electric organs and Jon Gibson on maracas
There is a performance of a percussive piece recorded in Ghana in the summer of 1970, made with members of the Ghana Dance Ensemble playing traditional Ewe instruments; according to Reich's introduction during the broadcast, the piece is called "Gahu", featuring master drummer Gideon Alewoye on the large agboba drum, dancer Freeman Dongo on the smaller kidi, dancer Thomas Annan on the even smaller kagan, and Reich and Steve Scott on axatse rattles, along with an unidentified player on a gonkogwe or gungong bell. This recording led to a study of the this type of percussion music which led to Reich’s epoch piece ‘Drumming’.
Music In Similar Motion, by Philip Glass, was performed live In NYC in November of 1969 by Glass, Steve Chambers and Art Murphy on organ, Gibson and Richard Landry on soprano saxophones, Beverly Lauridsen on amplified cello, and Reich on an electric harpsichord.”
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