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Reichel, Achim/A.R. & Machines - Die Grune Reise (2007 remaster) CD + DVD

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A completely legitimate reissue of the first album by A.R & Machines, which also happens to be the best-known and also one of the best of them. Achim Reichel is a mostly forgotten krautrock pioneer whose history traces back to The Rattles (Germany's most popular "beat" band) in the early 60s and who developed his sounding using echo-plexed guitars and other musicians as needed on drum, electric piano, saxes, etc., and released several albums under the moniker of A.R. & Machines. Die Grune Reise was his first solo in his new guise as A.R. and Machines and was originally issued by Polydor in 1971 (a CD was manufactured by Polydor, but it's rare as hell and dissapeared within weeks; this is the first time it's been generally available). Achim plays all parts on this one and it's possibly my favorite of the A.R. & Machines albums. Also included is a DVD; if the crap internet translator is correct, apparently Die GrĂ¼ne Reise was created as a soundtrack to an imaginary film and later (when later?) they made this film to go along with it. There's also a 10 minute "making of" film as well.
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