Reid, Tomeka / Kyoko Kitamura / Taylor Ho Bynum / Joe Morris-Geometry Of Caves

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“Searching for leadership in a singular sense on Geometry of Caves immediately becomes an exercise in needless futility. The foursome behind the fifty-minutes of freely improvised music is resolute in its acceptance of communal responsibility and creation. Vocalist Kyoko Kitamura sings and speaks in wordless flurries, matching and Taylor Ho Bynum’s brassy exhortations on cornet and either bass or piccolo trumpets. Cellist Tomeka Reid and guitarist Joe Morris worry and pluck their respective strings, applying speed and torque in the loosing of spidery cascades of crinkled and crenelated tones. Pitch and timbre differentials are a big part of the interplay with instruments juxtaposed in bursts of activity.
The program parses into seven discrete pieces of varying lengths with titles that suggest import in at least partially abstract terms, but the whole hangs together coherently in sum as well. On ‘It Is Deeper Than is Wide’ Bynum muted and Reid bowed shape resonant overlapping commentary against Kitamura’s crooning songbird musings. Morris hangs back during the opening minutes before picking brittle and clean repeating patterns in place of Kitamura’s coquettish voice. It’s a deliberate and decisive conversation of components and increments colored as much by the spatial aspects preserved around the sounds as the assembled sounds themselves. Persistent structure evolves sans predetermination or predictability.”-Derek Taylor/Dusted
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