Reija, Xavi - Resolution

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Drummer and composer Xavi Reija is a completely new name to me, but this is a really great album of advanced and interesting power trio jazz/rock that really knocked me out. Also appearing is guitarist Dusan Jevtovic and bassist Bernat Hernandez. Check out the sample and be impressed! Recommended! "Trimming down from a more-typical quintet to a trio for his international debut, Catalan master drummer Xavi Reija's Resolution is an extraordinary exploration in dissonance, minimalism, space and texture. Unencumbered by pretense or convention, Xavi has recruited Dusan Jevtovic and bassist Bernat Hernandez [both featured on Dusan's, Am I Walking Wrong?] for a post-rock/avant-jazz session that challenges the traditional guitar-bass-drums "power trio" format in every conceivable fashion.

Painting with bold strokes which play toyingly against the grain about as often as embracing it, Xavi's fresh approach -- to not only the art of timekeeping, but also the art of music-making -- offers an enthralling listening experience."

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