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The first-ever reissue, taken from the master tapes, of this mega-rarity which came out on the Epic label in Sweden in 1973. Now, 40 years later, it's available for everyone to hear, but only for a little while: there were only 500 of this exact replica made!

"This album was probably inspired by the original idea of SF Sorrow - to make a pop opera with all tracks related to each other and telling a complete story. Resan is about human life, not a subjective, chronologic summary from life to death but more a travel through thoughts, events and impressions. Some artists took the wrong approach to pop opera, thinking they were Wagner reborn (or Napoleon), making a quasi-classical stew with opera voices and a large orchestra. This is not one of those. Instead many of the best ingredients of complex rock were used in a nice concoction of instrumental and vocal tracks with wide reference points. This album really works most of the time. Trading heavy electric guitars and flutes for vocal harmonies, maybe this was the concept Brian Wilson searched for in 1967?"-Scented Gardens of the Mind

"At last, a facsimile exact reissue of this most mysterious mega-rare Swedish psych/prog gem from 1973 including an in-depth biography written by The Amazing/Dungen lead guitarist Reine Fiske plus previously-unpublished photographs. Limited edition of 500 copies. The colorful and turbulent late 1960s created a ground for a world-spanning counter-culture and musical phenomenon that swept all of Europe. In Sweden and in Stockholm specifically, the sign of those times gave rise to diverse politics, anarchistic and playful happenings that all intertwined, eventually giving birth to a rather small but highly prolific and unique musical scene. Resan (The Trip) was surprisingly released on the Swedish CBS subsidiary label Epic in 1973 and is the rarest of all the major-label releases within the Swedish psychedelic/progressive era. It has been seen as a continuation of the legendary Swedish Life album as it features all the former Life band members. The Resan (The Trip) crew all lived together in a hippie commune outside of Stockholm and the album represents a unique and almost hidden part of the most "heady" (cerebrally-stoned and turned-on) Stockholm psychedelic-rock-history. The uniqueness and rarity of Resan (The Trip) is in its blissful but at times dark atmosphere. Strong composition with full electric band instrumentation, including some stellar electric acid fuzz guitars and spaced-out flutes, etc. -- pretty much everything you could wish for in a recording like this. The album's rather splintered musical palette is also something of a perfect but peculiar mix of preaching hippie-naivety rooted in the psychedelic late 1960s, though clearly coming of age in the slightly darker 1970s."
  • LabelSubliminal Sounds
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