Residents - Duck Stab / Buster & Glen pREServed Edition (expanded / remastered) 2 x CDs

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Originally released / conceived of as two EPs, Duck Stab is both the group's most 'commercial release' (selling tens and tens of thousands upon release) and also one of their very best. The Residents are so ubiquitous in 'out music land' that it's hard to remember how great their early albums are.
Using very primitive equipment and a lot of imagination, "The Residents" created an idiosyncratic sound world that was both imaginative and very obviously theirs and theirs alone. This has tons of never heard and rare stuff. Highly recommended.

"Produced with The Cryptic Corporation, and with full access to The Residents' extensive tape archive, this package explores and expands the classic fourth album (originally two EPs) and related 1978 material, as well as the album's evolution in the studio and on the live stage. Including long-forgotten unreleased material, live-in-the-studio tracks, rare and unreleased concert recordings and highlights from the extremely rare 'D*ck S*ab 35th Anniversary' CD-R only album, this is The Residents as we've always wanted to hear them. Remastered, expanded, and pREServed for future generations - this is the fourth in a series of archival Residents reissues that will continue throughout 2018 and beyond."
Disc 1:
Sinister Exaggerator
The Booker Tease
Blue Rosebuds
Laughing Song
Bach Is Dead
Elvis And His Boss
Lizard Lady
Birthday Boy
Weight-Lifting Lulu
Krafty Cheese
Hello Skinny
The Electrocutioner
Guylum Bardot '78*
Soulful Sax*
Ow Boutthat*
When Johnny Comes Marching*
Santa Dog '78
Disc 2:
Bach Is Dead (1982 Rehearsal)
Birthday Boy (1982 Rehearsal)
Constantinople (1982 Rehearsal)
DS/BAG Suite (Tromsø, Inconvenienced, 1986)*
Semolina (Live, 1986)
Hello Skinny (Icky Flix Version)**
Constantinople (Icky Flix Version)**
Lizard Lady / Hello Skinny (Live 2005)
Semolina (Live 2011)
Lizard Lady (Live 2011)
Blue Rosebuds (Live 2014)
Weightlifting Lulu (Live 2014)
Blue Rosebuds RMX
The Booker Tease (Re-Imagined)
Weightlifting Lulu (Re-Imagined)
Constantinople (Adobe)
Bach Is Dead (Re-Imagined)
Laughing Song (Re-Imagined)
The Electrocutioner (Re-Imagined)
Hello Skinny (Re-Imagined)
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