Residents - Eskimo pREServed Edition (expanded) 2 x CDs

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"North of Greenland, well within the Arctic Circle, and on the floating ice continent surrounding the North Pole, lived a nomadic tribe of Mongolian descendants known as the Eskimo.
Their culture was passed down through generations in the form of adventurous tales and ceremonial music. This album attempts to recreate not only the Eskimo ceremonial music, but also a living context for its existence, in the form of Eskimo stories.
Although on the disc, the stories are told purely with sound, a written account is provided to aid your appreciation of this unique culture. For maximum enjoyment, this record should be listened to with headphones while reading the enclosed literal accounts of what you hear. Eskimo should be played in its entirety. A relaxed state of mind is essential. Warm clothing or a blanket should be within easy reach."-promo materials for the original release

This somewhat esoteric (and very esoteric conceptually) album is probably what brought the band a wider audience, along with the much more accessible Duckstab!
Still using relatively primitive equipment and a lot of imagination, "The Residents" created an idiosyncratic sound world that was both imaginative and very obviously theirs and theirs alone. This has tons of never heard and rare stuff. Highly recommended.

“Produced with The Cryptic Corporation using archival tapes supplied by The Residents themselves, this package explores and expands the classic 1979 album - the record which brought The Residents to a wider, international audience. Including an acapella suite, live in the studio recordings, related unreleased recordings, the 'Goosebump' and 'Replacement' projects and live tracks, this is The Residents as we've always wanted to hear them. Bonus material includes unheard 1978 Demo, album acapellas, unreleased tracks and live in the studio material.“

Disc: 1
1. The Walrus Hunt
2. Birth
3. Artic Hysteria
4. The Angry Angakok
5. A Spirit Steals A Child
6. The Festival Of Death
7. Eskimo (1978 Demo)
8. Eskimo Acapella Suite

Disc: 2
1. Kenya
2. Middle East Dance (from ICE2)
3. Scottish Rhapsody
4. Diskomo (Demo)
5. Diskomo
6. Disaster
7. Plants
8. Farmers
9. Twinkle
10. Heart in SF
11. I Left My Heart In San Francisco
12. Dumbo The Clown (Who Loved Christmas)
13. Is He Really Bringing Roses'
14. Time's Up
15. The Sleeper (Extended Intro)
16. Eskimo Suite (1982 Rehearsal)
17. Diskomo (1982 Rehearsal)
18. Festival of Death (Live 1986)
19. Diskomo (Live in San Francisco 1987)
20. Eskimo Opera Proposal
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