Residents - Fingerprince CD (expanded/remastered)

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The Resident's fourth album is one of their very finest, imo. They've gotten a bit of experience under their belts, so the recording quality is better than the earlier albums, but the ideas are just as great as all of their earliest stuff (and with the Residents, earliest equals the best, imo.). Includes their homage to Harry Partch, Six Things To A Cycle and much more weirdness. Hugely recommended.

"Recorded in 1976, Fingerprince is The Resident's fourth album. However, when it was being recorded it was not called "Fingerprince." In 1976 it was called "Tourniquet of Roses" and was so long that it would have consumed three LP sides. The album was cut back to the standard length of two sides, which was renamed "Fingerprince". Thanks to the length of CD, the original "Tourniquet of Roses" was restored. The title "Fingerprince" is still in use for the longer version however."
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