Residents - Fingerprince pREServed Edition (expanded / remastered) 2 x CDs

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One of their very best. The Residents are so ubiquitous in 'out music land' that it's hard to remember how great their early albums are. And this, their third released album recorded in 1976-77 is very great.
Using very primitive equipment and a lot of imagination, "The Residents" created an idiosyncratic sound world that was both imaginative and very obviously theirs and theirs alone. This has tons of never heard and rare stuff. Highly recommended.

"Produced with The Cryptic Corporation, and with full access to The Residents' extensive tape archive, this package explores and expands the classic third album and related 1976-1977 material, as well as the album's evolution on the live stage. Including the album restored to its original conceptual running order, plus long-forgotten unreleased material, live-in-the-studio tracks and concert recordings, this is The Residents as we've always wanted to hear them. Remastered, expanded, and pREServed for future generations - this is the third in a series of archival Residents reissues that will continue throughout 2018 and beyond."
Disc 1:
You Yesyesyes
Home Age Conversation
March De La Winni
Boo Who'
Tourniquet Of Roses
You Yesyesyes Again
Six Things To A Cycle
Monstrous Intro
Death In Barstow
Melon Collie Lassie
Flight Of The Bumble Roach
Walter Westinghouse
Disc 2:
Leapmus (February, 1976)*
Entrance To Crypt*
Clumsy Climb*
Piano Dittie*
You Yesyesyes ('Oh Mummy' Mix)*
Whoopy Snorp
God Song (1982 Rehearsal)
Walter Westinghouse (1982 Rehearsal)*
God Song (Studio Rehearsal)*
Tourniquet Of Roses (Tromsø, 1986)*
Walter Westinghouse (Live 1997)
Once I Went To Barstow (Live 2011)
Melon Collie Lassie (Live 2014)
Fingerprince Concentrate
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