Residents - I am A Resident 2 x CD special edition

"The Residents, long known as the world's most mysterious and reclusive band, announce a new chapter in their lengthy and legendary career - not just a new album but a completely new concept: I AM A RESIDENT!. After inviting fans to record cover versions of their songs via PledgeMusic, the group have reworked that material into the ultimate Residents mashup, editing, looping and over-dubbing to create something entirely new. Hear The Residents reinterpret their fans' interpretations, creating layer upon layer of music that is both hauntingly familiar and achingly wrong at the same time. I AM A RESIDENT! is both original and completely unexpected. It also only fits into one singular category - a Residents' album."
Disc 1:
Lingering Illusions
Hanging by His Habit
Freaky Wake
Hello Duck Stab
Commercial Bells Toll
Disc 2: (bonus disc - which has most of the great tunes!!)
Kick A Picnic
Smelly Tongues
Picnic Boy
Boo Who'
Hanging His Hair
Loss: The Weatherman
Death in Barstow
Six Things To A Red Bicycle
Hard And Tenderly
Forty Four
Rest Aria
Picnic Boy
Boo Who'
Would We Be Alive'
Margaret Freeman
Tribal Teddy
Burn My Bones
Hello Skinny
Smelly Tongues
Hanging (His Hair)
The Aging Musician
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