Residents - The Voice Of Midnight CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“Within my small group of friends who love the Residents, all of them seem to agree this album is very mediocre and forgettable. I've noticed this opinion reflected within most of the Residents' fanbase as well, and it never ceases to baffle me! This is easily one of my favorite albums from these freaky folks from Louisiana. The story and music are both wonderful, the former being an adaptation of the very eerie short story Der Sandman, and the latter having that distinct Residents charm. If you're looking for a really interesting modern day take on an old germanic folk tale told through a radio play medium, please give this one a listen!
I think this is the most original record they did in a decade. The transcription of Hoffman's tale is a success because of the song's minimalism. There is not much electronic effects here as on Tweedles! which was boring because of these effects...
There are themes as in a movie and every character has is own theme. That's why there is minimalism in that record. The piano, guitars and voice effects (as on "True Love" which is just perfect) work and give a really creepy and scary sound.
Excellent Stuff - a horror story with some exceptional music.”-rym
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