Resnik, Cene / Free Stellar Trio + Rob Mazurek - Age Of Chaos

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Cene Resnik tenor saxophone
Giorgio Pacorig piano
Marko Lasič drums
Rob Mazurek piccolo trumpet

“You can call it instant composition, free improvised music or creative jazz, but for the Slovenian tenor saxophonist Cene Resnik what really matters is what comes naturally. The communion with nature, and specifically with the naturality of sound, be it producing it (by himself and his companions) or perceiving it (the audience gathered in a venue to hear him), is key to understand his personal philosophy. That’s why he is committed to explore (sometimes to the limit) the capabilities of his instrument with no interferences, those offered by preparations with objects or electronic devices. This focus on the saxophone, and on the relation between the saxophone and his body, has surprising results: at some point you understand it’s not only a question of applied techniques (some are conventional, others extended and of his own invention), in order to obtain the variety of colors and overtones he manage to control. Under all that there’s a human factor: Resnik plays as a form of meditation, inspired by the Tibetan Buddhist teachings, and the experience can get particularly transcendental. Being in the present moment is somehow getting out of time and getting out of space: improvisation as a kind of trance music. In the American’s cornetist (here playing piccolo trumpet) Rob Mazurek, the special guest in “Age of Chaos”, Resnik found a partner in this love for the natural sonic properties. It’s a delight to watch how they interact together, seeming to escape their physical restraints to travel in the air with the waves of sound. Simply magnificent, either for those who want to know what Cene Resnik has more to offer and for all the fans of the mind and soul behind the Chicago Underground projects and of the Exploding Star Orchestra.”
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