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Catherine Ribeiro was one of the best known female vocalists in France during the 1970's. For the time, her albums were quite far out, with excellent and also rather wild singing by Catherine, as well as excellent backing by her superb band Alpes.

She never really was well known outside of France, but in France, she was quite popular with the progressive/arty set.

This is all 9 of the albums that Catherine and Alpes recorded between 1969-1980 and these range from quite good to quite superb. Five of the nine of these have been released on CD before, in the mid 90s, but those CDs have been unavailable for at least a decade. Now, everything is here:
+ 2Bis
No. 2
Ame Debout
Le Rat Debile et L'homme des Champs
Le Temps de L'Autre
La Deboussole
Well worth picking up for those truly interested in the more outside sounds of France in the 70s. Highly recommended!

"French experimental progressive group that existed 1970-1980, rooted in the short-lived 1969 outfit Catherine Ribeiro + 2Bis. Fronted by Portuguese born female singer Catherine Ribeiro, Alpes was the multi-instrumental backing group led by Patrice Moullet and a roster of other musicians that changed over the years. Their music cross-bred folk and psychedelic musics, with avant-garde and space-rock elements, and often featured special home-made instruments like the Cosmophone (a guitar/lyre hybrid), Percuphone (a mechanical rhythm machine), Orgolia (a large metallic violin) and other inventions."

"Catherine Ribeiro was among the best known female vocalists in France. Her albums are quite radical, including elements from improvised rock, progressive rock and folk, but also continuing the chanteuse-tradition of Piaf and others...unique and idiosyncratic..."-Scented Gardens Of The Mind
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