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“Pi Recordings continues it's 20th anniversary celebration with the release on limited-edition vinyl of perhaps the most popular release from the label's illustrious catalogue: master guitarist Marc Ribot's Silent Movies. Originally put out in 2010, Rolling Stone called it "emotive, graceful, but with a glint of mischief in his method," while PopMatter said "Heavy on atmospherics and light on histrionics, this has got to be one of Ribot's best recordings." The Absolute Sound gave the album 5 Stars for both the performance and the recordings' gorgeous sonics.”

"A visionary guitarist, Ribot is a fount of pithy commentary."-New York Times

"Almost a polar opposite of his last release, Party Intellectuals, Silent Movies is mostly filled with gorgeously contemplative compositions performed solo, with minimal overdubs. The album reflects Ribot's fascination with movies and contains pieces intended to function as music for films: some adaptations of music he has written for film, some for movies that he scored that were never released, some for classic silent films that he scored for his own amusement, and some for films of his own imagination."
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