Riley, Howard - Discussions (expanded) (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This was the very first album by Howard Riley and it also represents the first commercially released recording of both Barry Guy and Howard (also appearing is the original drummer of the trio, Jon Hiseman, who left before further recordings by the group).
Very interesting to hear this avant group tackle and disect standards like "Nardis", "What's New" and "Sweet and Lovely"! Recorded 12/29/67, and as a bonus, it includes previously unheard recordings of Howard, Malcolm Kaye (bass) and Ray Binns (drums) from 1960(!!)
This is a very good album and very much required for Brit-jazz fans.

"A genuine novelty, this: a reissue of the first album from one of Europe's most original pianists, Howard Riley, with the first rhythm section he played with on arrival in London: bassist Barry Guy and drummer Jon Hiseman. Guy he'd initially encountered at the Little Theatre Club, playing with the Spontaneous Music Ensemble; Hiseman he'd heard with the Mike Taylor Quartet playing opposite Ornette Coleman in Croydon in 1965.
Here, they're very much part of an improvising, spontaneously interactive trio (and recorded as such, the drums and bass miked so that they're as loud as the piano), and even when they're addressing standards, the band, in Riley's own words, 'explore the possibilities of both opening up and abandoning standard material'.
Although not, perhaps, as accomplished and assured as Riley's recently reissued subsequent trio recordings (Angle, The Day Will Come etc.), Discussions is a fascinating document: although the purity of its overall sound is compromised by an inferior, clanky piano and the constraints of mono recording, the vigour and power and sheer excitement of the original concept shine through. Hiseman – all fluttering and scrurrying brushwork – and Guy – rich, full-bodied, astonishingly propulsive – are clearly brimful of enthusiasm for Riley's approach, and the man himself seizes the opportunity to set out his stall with a series of eloquent, highly imaginative but disciplined performances of reworked standards ('What's New' particularly potent) and cogent originals."-The Vortex
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