Rivendel - Sisyfos

Toño Cruz - guitars
Oscar Belío - Mellotron, organ, pianos, synths
Jose Mari Aguirrezabala - bass, EWI
Xabi Martinez - drums, percussion

“Rivendel were a early / mid 90s Spanish prog band who released two albums in that time and then disappeared for 20 years, only re-emerging again in 2015 with a new album.
This is their 2nd release since their return and is, I thought, an extremely good modern prog record!

“This Spanish band published two strong albums some twenty years ago. It seems that they reformed a few years ago. It's the same people on board but now their music has become bold and matured a lot. "Sisyfos" is a conceptual album based on the Sisyphus greek myth, the man who thought that he was smarter than the gods. He was finally punished to carry a rock up a mountain for the whole eternity. The beautiful artwork shows Sisyfos carrying his rock up the mountain. The first track "Charon crossing the Styx" last more than 12 minutes and it's like an overture to the story. It places the listener together to Charon paddling his boat through the greek underworld. Is very atmospheric in the early Pink Floyd way but it's also full of great melodies and dramatic mood changes. A fantastic entry to the album. "Sisyphus and Merope I" is a very short track. Charming guitar with mellotron arrangements. Clean and superb! "The Istmian Games" is a very different approach. Complex organ progressions, wild guitar, crimsoniam bass... Sisyphus started defying the gods! The short "Sisyphus and Merope II" is the same music as part I but subtle details have changed. There is some disturbance threatening instead of the peaceful part I. "Greek Salad" is very difficult to describe. It's a rythmic, pulsating music. Very avantgardish, every change is unexpected. Can't think who could write music like this! Next song, "Sisyphus in Styx", is a return to the stygian atmosphere of track 1 but this time Sisyphus is there, so the threat is always present! What a great piece of music, distraughted sounds from hell in a weird landscape. "The Anger of Zeus" is another unexpected twist. Rivendel plays three minutes of ashtounding hard rock / avantgarde craziness. This drummer can play! The last track "Sisyphus and the Rock" is the other long track of the album. The hopelessness of Sisyphus carrying the rock up the mountain is perfectly described. The song has multiple parts but they fit together smoothly. At the very end the music dilutes into frightening noises and I can truly feel Sisyphus despair and madness. A great story. Very varied songs. Skillfully crafted.”
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