Roberts, Adam - Leaf Metal

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"Award winning composer Adam Roberts has studied at Eastman, Harvard and in Vienna and currently teaches composition in Istanbul. His music is powerful and kinetic, filled with jagged twists and turns and a rich sense of harmony and texture. His first CD features music for chamber orchestra and electronics, a string quartet performed by the world-renowned Arditti Quartet, as well as a piece for large wind ensemble and solo works for violin and for cello. A brilliant peek into the imaginative mind of this exciting young compositional voice."
Sebla Akbulut: Harp
Simone Aldrich: Clarinet
David Arboleda: Bass Trombone
Irvine Arditti: Violin
Brian Bacon: Viola
Michel Bettez: Bassoon
Lise Bouchard: Trumpet
Martin Carpentier: Clarinet
Yannick Chênevert: Double Bass
Loo Kit Chong: Trumpet
Louis Coy: Clarinet
Karen Cubides: Alto Sax
Goran Daskalov: Soprano Sax
Gabriela Dîaz: Violin
Jacques Drouin: Piano
Joseph Dupuis: Trombone
Ralf Ehlers: Viola
Lucas Fels: Cello
Victoria Garcia: Trombone
Amy Gollins: Oboe
Julien Grégoire: Percussion
Na Young Ham: Flute, Piccolo
Michael Hardin: Percussion
Tyler Hefferon: Percussion
Reynaliz Herrera-Martinez: Percussion
Eric Hewitt: Conductor
Sena Hornby: Harp
Standy Hung: Percussion
Brandon Ilaw: Percussion
Brian Johnston: Trombone
Cheongmoo Kang: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Jérôme Laflamme: Flute
Rebecca Layton: Flute
Mo Xi Li: Trumpet
Kiki Lin: French Horn
Alexander Lozowski: Violin
Matthew Luhn: Trombone
Catherine Miller: Trumpet
Shelly Mohr: Bassoon
Johanne Morin: Violin
Kevin Natoli: Trumpet
Kent O’Doherty: Baritone Sax
Allison Parramore: Flute
Catherine Perron: Cello
Kevin Price: Clarinet
Patrice Richer: Trombone
Kristine Rooke: French Horn
Christine Sallas: Oboe
Ashot Sarkissjan: Violin
Benjamin Schwartz: Cello
Diana Searle: Clarinet
Julie Sirois-Leclerc: Oboe
Stephanie Smith: French Horn
Andrew Smith: Tuba
Shandra Stiemert: Oboe
Susie Telsey: Bassoon
Yuan Tian: French Horn
Lorraine Vaillancourt: Conductor
Jocelyn Veilleux: French Horn
Rebecca Wellons: Tenor Sax
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  • UPC702397900429
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