Romantic Warriors II - Special Features Edition DVD

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So, it wasn't enough to have a documentary about the Rock In Opposition movement? You want full length clips of the bands themselves performing? Done!

"In the process of producing the "Romantic Warriors II - About RIO" documentary, filming live concerts and collecting interviews from some of the brightest minds in the RIO and Avant Progressive scene, the Zeitgeist Media team acquired a wealth of extremely interesting content that far exceeded what we could fit inside of the film.

The Got RIO DVD Digipack features 60 minutes of live concert footage of eight RIO/Avant Progressive bands, and 40 minutes of unseen interviews with members of the original RIO bands and with contemporary musicians currently shaping the sounds of modern avant-progressive music."

Appearing are:
ARANIS - Noise (12:03)
YUGEN – Becchime (12:33)
THINKING PLAGUE – Dead Silence (4:25)
HAMSTER THEATRE – Bug 2 – A History of the United States (4:01)
RUINS ALONE – Ruin’s Medley (7:04)
MIRIODOR – La Roche/Meeting Point (9:50)
STORMY SIX – Gianfranco Mattei (5:24)
RABBIT RABBIT – Tiny Invasion (4:31)

Interview clips with:
Chris Cutler
Giorgio Gomelsky
Bob Drake
Gérard Hourbette
David Kerman
Mike Johnson
Christian Vander
Francesco Zago
Joris Vanvinckenroye
Marc Hollander
Ferdinand Richard
Lars Krantz
Franco Fabbri
Roger Trigaux
Carla Kihlstedt & Matthias Bossi
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Essential viewing here. Jam packed with goodies. BUY this one !!!
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