Romantic Warriors IV : Got Krautrock? Part 1- Special Features DVD

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In brief:
Krautwerk (16’)
Wume (24’)
Faust (38’)
Electric Orange (40’)
Damo Suzuki’s Network (63’)

In full:
“The "got Krautrock? Part 1" Special Features DVD is an addendum to the 2019 feature-length documentary "Romantic Warriors IV - Krautrock Part 1" DVD. The film was written and directed by Adele Schmidt and José Zegarra Holder, and was released in the United States by Zeitgeist Media in April 2019.
The Special Features DVD features 3 hours of live performance videos by contemporary bands that appear in the original film. Also included are 80 minutes of unreleased interview clips of the following Krautrock musicians interviewed in the first film of the Krautrock Trilogy: Wolfgang Flür, Irmin Schmidt, Jaki Liebezeit, Malcolm Mooney, and Jean-Hervé Péron.
The Band Performances chapter includes these five bands:

Krautwerk - The DVD’s live performances start with Krautwerk, a collaboration between two early legends of Krautrock music joining forces, first, Eberhard Kranemann, who was in at the start of both NEU! and Kraftwerk; and Harald Grosskopf, who spent many years drumming for Klaus Schulzeand playing with Ashra. Filmed at Kranemann’s studio in Wuppertal, Germany, these two tracks show that they are clearly still hungry for the discovery of new forms of music and have as much if not more to offer contemporary music than a lot of acts half their age.

Wume - Wume is a Baltimore duo formed by Al Schatz, who plays synthesizers, and drummer/vocalist April Camlin. They create minimalist music heavily influenced by the German Krautrock movement. In these four tracks, they show why Camlin is perhaps one of the most interesting drummers in Baltimore, as she uses repetitive patterns in the style of Jaki Liebezeit, accompanied by Schatz’s layered synth lines that ad atmosphere and depth. Together, well, it is just intense.

faUSt - Next section has the legendary German experimentalists, led by Jean-Hervé Péron & Zappi Diermaier, performing in a 100-person space on their fourth US tour ever, in Louisville, KY in 2016, and the results are magical. Dada-informed Faust begins the set on the edge of the chaos, building up a chaotic noise drone over several minutes, they then looped it and the twin drummers (Zappi and Tim Barnes) began their massive motorik pulse, with Jean Hervé Péron reciting poetry with the music, or even sing, while Maxime Manac’h was playing hurdy-gurdy and guitars, a vibe comparable to that of Pere Ubu, in its intrepid embrace of risk & adventure with no thought of compromise.

Electric Orange - This Krautrock and psychedelics band from Aachen, Germany (near Cologne) performed at "Finki”, a legendary German Krautrock festival founded in 1977 by drummer Mani Neumeier and his band Guru Guru. This collection of tracks captured in film displays the band’s psychedelic bias and their purposeful use of eclectic instrumentation to create atmospheres similar to bands like Amon Düül II, Can and Ash Ra Tempel. It makes for an amazingly powerful listening!

Damo Suzuki’s Network - This section includes the entire live concert of Damo Suzuki's Network in Lima, Perú, performed in 2017. As he tours, Damo performs live improvisational music with various local musicians, so-called "Sound Carriers”, that have had no prior interaction with Damo nor have researched together, which opens up the opportunity to create something entirely new at the time of their performance. For this concert, he teamed up with experienced musicians from Lima, who played both native and traditional rock instruments to intertwine with Damo’s spontaneous vocalizations, fed off the sound carriers’ energy on stage.

In addition to the concert footage the Got Krautrock? Special Features DVD includes unreleased interviews with musicians featured in the film: Irmin Schmidt, Jaki Liebezeit, Jean-Hervé Péron, Malcolm Mooney and Wolfgang Flür.
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