Rome Pro(g)ject - Of Fate And Glory

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This is the second release by The Rome Pro(g)ject, a progrock pro(g)ject masterminded by keyboardist and composer Vicenzo Ricca, who has enlisted an all star group of players to bring this project to life:
Steve Hackett (Genesis) / electric and classical guitars
David Jackson (VDGG, Peter Hammill) / saxophones and flutes
Billy Sherwood (Circa, Yes) / bass guitars, drums and electric guitar
Mauro Montobbio (Narrow Pass) / keyboards, synths
Luca Grosso (Narrow Pass) / drums, percussion
Riccardo Romano (Ranestrane) / keyboards and backing vocals
Daniele Pomo (Ranestrane) / guitars
Franck Carducci / bass, 12-string guitar
Paolo Ricca / electric guitar
Joanna "Jo" Lehmann Hackett / voice (1)

This album is heavily indebted to the classic work of Genesis and the early solo work of Steve Hackett. Ricca is going for a sound and a feel and he gets that sound and feel.
You can get a good feel of the album here

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