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Room of Loud Sound: Heavy Psych from the USA 1968-72

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" ...White Lace & Strange Vol. 2. The Psychic Circle label presents a follow-up to the White Lace & Strange: Heavy Psych and Power Fuzz from the U.S.A. 68-72 compilation, further delving into the less-frequented areas of late '60s and early '70s heavy psych rock from the USA. Gone are the twee excesses of psychedelia. Whimsy has been given a swift boot in the groin and in its place we find a mean bunch of longhairs getting down to some heavy riffing. Post-Hendrix, sub-Cream, quasi-Zeppelin, some of it primitive, some of it sophisticated, all of it rockin' with amps turned up to eleven plus. On this volume, you'll hear the band that would spawn Cheap Trick, a former member of Dion's Belmonts getting all funked up, the drummer of The Knickerbockers working under a pseudonym, the young Leslie West stretching out, and a whole lot more besides. Laid back it isn't!! Enter The Room Of Loud Sound and live to tell the tale. Twenty never-before comped burners specially compiled by legendary psych musician and Psychic Circle label-head, Nick Saloman (The Bevis Frond). Artists include: Hot Soup, Bump, Fuse, Carlo, Five By Five, Plant & See, Morning Sun, Today's Special, Fantasy, Mister Beeler, Peace & Quiet, Six Pak, Salem Witchcraft, The Vagrants, Hammer, Blowtorch, Locomotive, Eagle, The Mystic Number National Bank and Silk. This is the Psychic Circle label's second volume of heavy U.S. psych, featuring 20 never-before comped on CD, remastered tracks. The Psychic Circle label is run by legendary psych musician Nick Saloman (The Bevis Frond)."

"This comp harkens back to the days when beer came in cans with pull tops and got drunk in large quantities in parking lots before classic rock dinosaurs kicked out the jams. Jeans were mandatory and shirts were optional. After who knows how many dozens of early to mid 60s garage comps, this dose of under the radar hard rock is a total frenzied blast of fun."-Hogspeak
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