Rosapaeda - Mater Heart Folk

"After the remarkable success of Facce and In forma di Rossa Pugliese vocalist Antonella “Rosapaeda” Di Domenico is back with a new CD, Mater that’s sure to delight her growing legion of fans. On Mater what is most striking is her voice, a voice at once vibrant, intense and highly seductive whose magnetic presence dominates the CD, passing swiftly from the most subtle shadings to more strident, passionate tones without forgetting all the colours in between. Its incredible versatility and range of naunce manage to give a different flavour to each successive track’s musical voyage, while maintaining an overall sense of cohesiveness. From the religious nursery rhyme of Angelo benedetto to the dub of Mai mai pena, the spiky funk of Gioco con te to the neapolitan-inflected melodies of Sto core mio, the ethereal, dilated wanderings of Mi sogno to the rhythmic madness of a high-tech yet deeply felt Pizzica trance, Mater shows Rosapaeda at the peak of her artistic powers and conforms her as one of the most important figures in Italian world music. Accompanying her ion the CD are an excellent group of musicians that includes Eddi Romano on accordion and Domenico Lopez on classical guitar."
  • LabelFelmay
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