Rosenbloom, David - Souls Of Chaos / Departure (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"... the terrific 'Souls of Chaos'..."-David Bowie, Vanity Fair, Nov. 2003

". . . a young composer with rare gifts. Mr. Rosenbloom creates a sonic texture that is simultaneously very old and very new, combining chantlike monophony, elegant minimalism, world music, and rock elements into a beguiling blend that owes as much to the Far East as to Lower Manhattan... his work possesses a compelling spiritual propulsion and undeniable seriousness of intent."-Tim Page, New York Times

"... both stunning, sensurround works that combine Eastern ethnic and classical elements into just the most tensile fabric imaginable... Creating new styles through synthesis is my bag, making this the most exciting 'New Music' I've heard all year."-John Sumner Foster, OP Magazine

Guitarist/composer Rosenbloom came to attention for his work with Rhys Chatham, Glenn Branca & Robin Crutchfield in the late 70's.
This album, originally released on vinyl in 1982 on Branca’s Neutral Records label, consists of two extended works (Souls Of Chaos & Departure) for rock band, orchestral instruments and voices.

"[These pieces] were written during the period of 1981-82, the tail end of the heady, club-based period of cross-fertilization between what seemed like nearly every type of music...anything was possible - why not a large orchestral piece?"
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