Rosenboom, Daniel - Astral Transference & Seven Dreams 2 x CDs

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Daniel Rosenboom - Trumpet
Artyom Manukyan - Cello and FX
Joshua White - Piano
Richard Giddens - Bass
Gene Coye - Drums
Gavin Templeton - Alto Saxophone (Disc 1 - Astral Transference)
Jon Armstrong - Tenor Saxophone (Disc 1 - Astral Transference)
Alexander Noice - Electric Guitar and FX (Disc 1 - Astral Transference)

*****5 STARS***** from All About Jazz
"...wildly ambitious... It's a fascinating blend and blur of the notated versus the improvised, and the constant shifting keeps the listener's interest at a peak level... Recommended."—Robert Bush, All About Jazz

"Fierce and combustible, trumpeter Rosenboom holds nothing back. The occasional shifts into a straight-ahead jazz sound are almost startling. When melody becomes the focus, the results are sweetly heartbreaking."—Bird Is The Worm

"Restless trumpeter, composer, poet, bandleader and record label entrepreneur Daniel Rosenboom tackles every one of his roles with a spirited intellect, which makes each new release a new adventure of multiple dimensions."—S. Victor Aaron, Something Else Reviews

"Astral Transference and Seven Dreams are two sides of a coin. The former a demanding chunk of avant-jazz, while the latter is more conventional ... Rosenboom has hit a high point in this release, and with any luck, this is an example of much more to come."—Mike Borella, Avant Music News

"Los Angeles trumpeter Rosenboom and his colleagues have the spark in them, the connection to that nexus where head, heart, and spirit collide. His improvisations flow with an undisputable internal logic so that every turn seems as inevitable upon hearing as it was unpredictable moments before. Whether his music shifts from a trumpet march to an electric guitar loop, from frenzy to quiet breath, from tight ensemble to bickering solos, I feel smarter and somehow better for having heard it. Great music teaches ... trains the brain. Coltrane, Dylan, Hendrix, Carla Bley, Leroy Jenkins, Bach all do this. So does Daniel Rosenboom."—Hobert Taylor, KUCI

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