Rovescio della Medaglia - Contaminazione 2.0

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Enzo Vita / guitar
Andrea Castelli / bass
Nicola Costanti / vocals, keyboards
Carmelo Junior Arena / keyboards, backing vocals
Pino Polistina / guitar
Vittorio De Scalzi / flute (11)
and string quartet

This is a live performance (you can see a video of one of the pieces below) performed by the current/revamped version of the band + string quartet, doing a very splendid job on their most famous work from the 70s. If you love the original and want to hear an enthusiastic take on it 45 years later, this is highly recommended.

You know the original of this one, right? If you don’t:
"One of the most essential prog classic to adorn any prog lovers collection. Pure progressive magic from start to finish. RdM deliver a wide contrast in moods and atmosphere here ranging from the pure and serene to loud crashing of guitars and synths. Orchestration is obviously filtered throughout and work very well for the listener making this a real gem all the way around. This is beautiful Italian tension building prog at its finest"-ProgArchives

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