Ruins - Refusal Fossil

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"The members of Japan's Ruins have extensive experience and tireless commitment! A furious barrage of explosive and intricately composed drum(s) and bass, Ruins covers all stops between hardcore's hysteric intensity, metal's pummeling dynamics, and the confounding inscription of progressive rock. No slack. No slop. Absolute masters of quick-change, stop-start tempos and time signatures, Ruins crafts an unprecedented amalgam of originality, all sung in a peculiar language of the group's own invention. The first album to feature bassist Sasaki Hisashi, Refusal Fossil [Special Edition] re-issues the long out-of-print Refusal Fossil full-length, plus five previously unreleased tracks, all remixed and re-mastered by the band's Yoshida Tatsuya (also of Koenjihyakkei). Also featuring a host of guest musicians from the Japanese avant scene (including Yamamoto Seiichi of Boredoms), Refusal Fossil [Special Edition] boasts twenty-five cuts in all--over an hour-long blast of zig-zag calisthenics!"

"Fiendish and crazed, Ruins explore string-popping ideas only to degenerate into complex whirlpools of distortion, then regroup into a new version of their original idea with surprising grace. Ruins grow on you like a cancerous cell, and are killer."-CMJ
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