Rundgren, Todd - Box O' Todd 3 x CD box set

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“Box O' Todd is a collection of (radio broadcasts of) early Todd shows. Each disc is a different show representing a different year.
The first two shows in the set find Todd backed by The Hello People and there's just as many songs of theirs as there is of Todd's. The third and final show is an early performance with Utopia recorded shortly before their first album was released.
The performances are top notch and the sound quality is generally very good. This is a must own for anyone who loves early Todd.”

Disc: 1 [June 30, 1971]
1. Banter & Soundcheck
2. Believe in Me
3. Lady on the Terrace
4. I Got My Pipe
5. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
6. Rock All Over Again
7. Everybody in the Congregation
8. Broke Down & Busted
9. Tonight I Wanna Love Me a Stranger
10. Ooh Baby Baby
11. Hold Me Tight (Excerpt)
12. Before I Grow Too Old
13. Be Nice to Me
14. I'm Feelin' Better
15. The Ballad (Denny & Jean)

Disc: 2 [May 2, 1972]
1. Broke Down & Busted
2. Georgia Swing
3. Outside Love
4. Piss Aaron
5. A Dream Goes on Forever
6. I Saw the Light
7. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
8. Feels So Good to Be Alive
9. Mad Red Ant Lady
10. Blaze
11. Lady on the Terrace
12. Slut

Disc: 3 [November 11, 1973]
1. Intro
2. I Saw the Light
3. A Dream Goes on Forever
4. Piss Aaron
5. Lord Chancellor's Nightmare Song
6. Hello It's Me
7. Banter
8. Utopia Theme
9. Black Maria
10. Hungry for Love
11. The Ikon (Segments)
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