Rundgren, Todd - Healing (2010 live) CD + DVD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Why does it take the Europeans to do the obvious and instead of trying to sell you a CD AND a DVD of this show, you get them both together? I dunno, but I know that we have the CD AND the DVD of this show now together for significantly cheaper than the US version of either JUST the CD or the DVD alone...

A very, very long time ago, when I was in High School, I was a big fan of Todd Rundgren, discovering his classic albums "A Wizard, A True Star", "Something/Anything" and "Todd" all of which were a exciting and definitely very '70s' blend of pop perfection and experimentation. Which actually sums up Todd's charms in a nutshell. This is a live interpretation of a slightly later album from 1981, which is still a extremely good one although lacking in Todd's psychedelic hair color of the period I was earlier enamored with!

"Healing has remained one of my favorite works since my original purchase of the vinyl version in 1981 when it was released. "Singing, Playing, Writing, Production, and Engineering by Todd Rundgren", quoting the (original) CD sleeve, and "Healing" absolutely reveals Todd's creative, musical, and technical genius in each of those aspects. "Healing" satisfies as poetry, as philosophy, as spiritual meditation, and as a timeless, progressive, thematic, musical artwork. Todd's distinguished use of the synthesizer palette, atypical rhythms and modes, counterpoint, harmony and dynamics qualify "Healing" as a master musical work. Combined with its compelling, relevant lyrics, I believe it to be Todd's Sgt. Pepper."-George P Marks
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