Russell, George - Jazz in the Space Age (expanded)

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One of my big musical heroes of all time, George Russell is probably best known as an educator, but he's one of the great theorists AND composers of jazz, whose lively and great experimental work reaches back to Dizzy Gillespie and the bop era. One of the first composers to combine jazz and classical (he wrote a very famous piece called "A Bird in Igor's Yard" in the mid 40s, he's released a relatively small number of albums and most of them are great. This is an early and hard to find one and while I don't think it's absolutely his best one, it's a really good record and as a bonus, it includes a short, complete live performance by the George Russell Sextet taped a few months after the recording of Jazz in the Space Age. Highly personally recommended to jazz fans that don't already know him and this.

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