Russell, John / Olie Brice / Henry Kaiser / Ray Russell - The Dukes Of Bedford

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“To be invited to a top studio by a fellow lover of all things guitar and when that person is Henry Kaiser (a friend for many years who I don’t get to see that often) then that is already pretty good in my book.
Add to that fact a chance to meet and play with a guitarist of the stature and ability of Ray Russell and now this is really turning into something special.
Amazingly Olie Brice and I haven’t played together that often either. Another joy in the mix!
We played straight through. Live. No multitrack. No pre strategies. Solely improvising for the love of it ably supported by Ed Pettersen and Shane Shannahan in the studio and Brandy Gale’s art direction. It really don’t mean a thang if it ain’t got a twang! Spread the love!”-John Russell
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