Sadeh, Daphna - Reconciliation

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"To composer/bassist Daphna Sadeh, Jewish Music is the cross-cultural patchwork quilt of the diaspora experience. Born in Israel, she has studied in New York and since 2002 has been based mostly in London where she leads her own ensemble and performs with a variety of fabulous musicians. Her first contribution to the Radical Jewish Culture series is a brilliant and hypnotic mix of Jazz, Western Classical, Middle Eastern/Arabic Taqsim and Jewish music from the Sephardi/Ashkenazi tradition, reflecting her eclectic life experiences. Seductive and powerful music from this sensitive Israeli globe trotter."
Daphna Sadeh: Double Bass
Mark Bassey: Trombone
Stewart Curtis: Clarinets, Flute, Descant And Treble Recorders
Ivor Goldberg: Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, 12-string Guitar, Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Voice
Eddie Hession: Accordion
Ronan Kozokaro: Drums, Darbuka, Frame Drum, Riq

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