Sagor & Swing - Orgelfarger

In the living room of a small house in Dalarna, the Swedish countryside, Sagor & Swing has recorded this timeless music evoking the surrounding landscape -- the forests, mountains and lakes. Moody and simple melodies with echoes of old Swedish folk tunes and the nature in the paintings of John Bauer. Some years ago, Eric Malmberg was given an organ from legendary Swedish organ player Bo Hansson, one half of the 70s drums/organ duo Hansson & Karlsson. This organ was the very one used on Hanssons epic record Lord of the Rings, an influential record which combined jazz and rock together with minor key melodies of Swedish folk music. Sagor & Swing makes a more minimal journey. The melodies unfold at a calm pace and the whole album has a mesmerizing feeling to it. This is music which could only have been made in Sweden. While the music of Bjrn Olsson, another Swede influenced by folk music, is connected to the archipelago of the Swedish west coast, Sagor & Swing has it's spiritual home in the old forests deep in the middle of the country. [Hapna]
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