Samurai Of Prog - The Lady and The Lion and Other Grimm Tales CD

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"The Samurai of Prog are having a prolific run. A few short months after 2020‘s "Beyond the Wardrobe" album, the core trio of Marco Bernard, Kimmo Pörsti, and Steve Unruh are joined - as is their way - by a cast of contributing artists and writers, this time crafting an album inspired by The Brothers Grimm fairy tales. ("The Lady and the Lion" is the first of two Grimm-themed albums set to be released in 2021.) The Samurai have become known in progressive rock circles for their symphonic prog creations, which feature lush and varied keyboard sounds, powerful picked bass guitar, dynamic drums, virtuosic violin and flute, and always mixed and mastered for audiophiles. "The Lady and the Lion" features a terrific array of talent, including Ton Scherpenzeel and Bart Schwertmann (Kayak), Octavio Stampalía (Jinetes Negros), Cam Blokland (Southern Empire), Valerie Gracious (Phideaux), Alessandro Di Benedetti (Mad Crayon), Rafael Pacha (Last Knight), Jaime Rosas (Entrance), Kari Riihimäki, Carmine Capasso, Marc Papeghin, Marcelo Ezcurra, and David Myers. This is a great addition to TSoP‘s ever-growing catalog of lovingly-crafted new symphonic prog, rooted in the classics but looking forward. As always, packaging is superb; the CD comes in a top quality mini-LP-style jacket and includes an extensive booklet."
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