Samurai of Prog - The Demise Of The Third King’s Empire

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Marco Bernard / Rickenbacker bass
Kimmo Pörsti / drums & percussion
Steve Unruh / violins, flute, vocals
Stefan Renström / keyboards, orchestral arrangement
David Myers / grand piano (1)
Richard Maddocks / narration
Marco Vincini / vocals (as Lorne)
Mark Trueack / vocals (as Basil)
Johan Öijen / electric guitar
Rafael Pacha / acoustic guitar
Linus Kåse / saxophones
Llorián García / electronic bagpipes

“This is a special edition bonus album – available in limited quantity. The Demise of the third Kings Empire is a new version of CD2 of Lost and Found - including new vocals, new drums and much more.”
  • LabelSeacrest
  • UPC6420615860228
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