Sanders, Pharoah - Tauhid / Jewels Of Thought CD

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Fantastic price on two full length Impulse titles from the late 60s. These find him taking his first steps towards creating the Kozmigroov sound. Highly recommended.

"In late 1966, Pharoah Sanders was still a sideman in Coltrane's final quintet and had made his reputation for his wild and aggressive playing style. This early solo date shows the peaceful, meditative side to Pharoah's music -- a side that he would explore more in-depth after 'Trane's death. The focus of the first track (Upper Egypt & Lower Egypt) is on the rhythm section which provides a haunting soundscape that calls to our deepest ancestral roots as well as the present, and provides a beautiful canvas upon which Pharoah periodically provides some gently lilting flute and piccolo solos -- along with some very melodic sax work. The second piece (Japan) has the feel of an Asian folk melody. The third piece (Aum/Venus/Capricorn Rising) presents more of the fierceness that we Pharoah Sanders fans have grown to know and love, and passages point the way to his later sonic triumphs (e.g., "The Creator Has a Master Plan"). The late guitarist Sonny Sharrock is a treat to hear on this album."-A Benjamin

""Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah-Hum Allah" is one of my favourite songs. The tenor sax playing is very intense, and Leon Thomas' yodeling is a surprise to everyone who thought this couldn't be found outside of Switzerland. Some other African instruments (percussions and thumb piano) add colours, and "Sun of Aquarius" (especially the beginning) made me think of a place somewhere near Ouagadougou at night. The connection of piano and saxophone outbursts, African instruments and a little bit naive tunes make this album so interesting and intense."-Thomas Dworschak
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