Sanders, Pharoah - Thembi / Black Unity CD

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Fantastic price on two full length Impulse titles from the early 70s. These albums, along with a few others, the epitome of Kozmigroov sound. Highly recommended.

"Thembi is full of wonderful deep and fluid jazz, this album is a total joy to sit through. It's not quite as full-on and free as he's earlier albums, but it's none the worse for it. There's also more tracks than you're used to from one of his records, which is nice as you get more of a variation of styles throughout the album. Normally with Pharoah Sanders you get one or two long piece(s) organically growing through alternating waves of chaos and serenity.
Thembi however, is a set of six pieces of music which are all quite musically different from each other. The styles on here range from the free exploration of "Red, Black & Green" through to the floaty serenity of "Astral Traveling". This is definitely a more approachable album than you're used to from him, and if you're thinking of getting into Pharoah Sanders I would say this is an excellent starting point."

"By late 1971, Pharoah Sanders was on a search for new sounds-- his flavor of spiritually infused free jazz had been widely explored over several albums in the previous couple years. Sanders began soaking his music in world rhythms-- eschewing the previous layer of free jazzish percussion in exchange for a more traditionally rooted percussion sound-- with drummers Norman Connors and Billy Hart along with percussionist Lawrence Killian, Sanders was able to develop an almost Afro-Latin vibe. This was further accentuated with the presence of two bassists-- a very young Stanley Clarke (on upright) and journeyman Cecil McBee. Clarke (and Connors) brought with him a deep sense of groove and a working knowledge of r&b and funk musics that helped push Sanders into a groove-oriented direction."-Michael Stack
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