Sanguine Hum - The Weight Of The World

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Second album from this fine, UK modern progressive rock band.

Don't know Sanguing Hum? Sure you do! It's the Antique Seeking Nuns under a new name with a bit of a new direction, but also with their basic sound intact. I was turned onto these guys by Steve Davis, Snooker champion and all around champion of progressive, prog music and he was right! "Right about what?", you may ask. That they were band that managed to take some of the most quintessentially 'British' (and to my mind, the most charming) aspects of UK progressive rock (think the song stylings of Richard Sinclair with Caravan or Hatfield or early Robert Wyatt) and graft them onto a more contemporary sound as well as including influences that have nothing to do with 'progrock' (Flaming Lips!, etc). What do you have? A total winner. Highly recommended.

"The Weight of the World” sees Sanguine Hum expand their musical horizons on all fronts with a seven-track collection of diverse compositions - technically challenging and exciting yet always melodic and direct.

Songs such as ‘From the Ground Up’ and ‘System for Solution’ pursue the Porcupine Tree meets Radiohead approach of the debut record "Diving Bell” with powerful yet intricate riffs propelling the songwriting that continues to make ever more inventive use of surprising twists and turns in the arrangement. Surprises are to be found as well in the instrumentation as the band open up the sound and more explicitly reference a love of electronica and the music of artists such as Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin, best heard in the song ‘Day of Release’ as synthetic percussion and rumbling synths give way to chiming acoustic guitar and a soaring vocal melody. Perhaps even more exciting for a band that perhaps held some of their Prog influences in check on their debut album, is the 15-minute title track that manages the task of combining effective and emotional songwriting with thrilling musical developments that push the band to the limit.

"The Weight of the World” breaks new ground for a band at the forefront of truly "progressive” music.
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