Santana - Borboletta (Mega Blowout Sale)

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The last of Santana's 'jazz/rock' albums, this has a lot of fantastic material.

"Borboletta is a continuation of Carlos Santana's focus on jazz, beginning with Caravanserai and partially interrupted with the more-laid-back Welcome. As in Caravanserai, the majority of the tracks (7 of 12) contain no verselines. Two of the numbers with lyrics--"Life Is Anew" and "Practice What You Preach"--reflect a nod toward gospel, and "Give and Take" has a funky texture. The verselines are so-so, lesser than those on Caravanserai. Still, between the inconsequential first and last tracks, all of the songs have jazzy soloing that ranges from very good to breathtaking. Indeed, Borboletta reflects a diversity of talent that appeared on it, in a period of transition for the Santana Band. Percussionists Michael Shrieve and Chepito Areas were soon to be on new paths. However, jazz keyboardist Tom Coster and percussionist Armando Peraza had debuted with the group very successfully on Caravanserai, and continued their fine performances here. Coster's piano notes highlight the beautiful "Canto De Los Flores." But Borboletta also has the key inclusions of two Brazilian percussionists and a Brazilian lady who supplies glowing choral vocals on the wonderful instrumental "Promise of a Fisherman." The flow of instrumentation from the Coltranesque "Here and Now" through "Flor De Canela" and climaxing with this Brazilian-textured masterwork is one of the most fantastic displays of heavenly musicianship Santana has ever displayed. Of equal stature is the instrumental "Aspirations," lovely, free-flowing modern jazz, with Coster's radiant organ and fabulous saxophone work by Jules Broussard. Carlos' guitar work on this album is terrific from start to finish, among his best, and the percussion section shines all the way as well (hardly a surprise). Borboletta is one of Santana's finest recordings, an instrumental tour de force, absolutely wonderful to listen to."
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In retrospect a nice album. But after the poor sales of Caravansarai....half the music seems a bit "broken hearted" to my ears. There are a lot of beautiful cuts here,and as I've said(in my review of their previous album),you could take the best "jazz" cuts off of both this and Caravansarai and make one hell of a Spiritual Jazz feast. In fact that's just what you SHOULD do NOW!
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