Satanique Samba Trio - Misantropicalia

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First album by this wild Brazilian band who jump across multiple genres as if they were cracks in the sidewalk. Pretty impressive. Note that this album is a little bit short (a bit over 30' long), but there's enough going on in the music that you won't feel cheated!

"Satanique Samba Trio is a quintet (you did not think they were a trio, did you?) from Brazil and they mix samba with metal, rock and avant-garde jazz. Their line up is made of guitar, cavaquinho (a small acoustic guitar, typical of samba), bass, drums and trumpet, with a huge number of different instruments, such as didigeridoo, harmonium, pĂ­fano (brazilian bamboo flute), trombone, assorted percussion, viola caipira (brazilian acoustic guitar) added as well. The music is satanic, of course, where weird and fast tempos are mixed with lots of start-stops in a several short pieces, with a screaming trumpet at the top of it. Here you have extremely energetic and creative music that will probably please fans of Zappa, Doctor Nerve, Bartok, Ruins and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum."

You can hear some sample tracks here.

  • LabelAmplitude
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