Savanna - Collected Madness CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"Mega-rare, tripped out Underground acid-folk recorded in 1973 and pressed up in tiny quantity by legendary custom pressing plant Deroy Sound Service.
We rate this so highly musically that it must be in the top three UK acid-folk private pressings.
The band combined spellbinding 12 string guitars, harpsichord and occasional bass to outstanding effect on an album brimming with original songs that displays creative charm amid gusts of melancholia. Extended tracks with thought provoking vocals.
Similar territory to Red Television, Ferris Wheel and Midwinter etc only more accomplished from start to finish. A minor classic.
The defining sound of this album is a jangly wall of acoustic 12 strings and harpsichord with the occasional accompaniment. There are no drums on this album, and many of the songs are instrumental. Still, the album is pretty upbeat overall and pretty melodic too. I'm surprised this isn't more popular with fans of private-press music, I definitely recommend it.”-RYM
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