Savoldelli / Casarano / Bardoscia - The Great Jazz Gig In The Sky

Boris Savoldelli: all vocals, vocal noises and electronics
Raffaele Casarano: saxes and electronics
Marco Bardoscia: double bass and electronics
with special guests:
Dewa Budjana: guitars (Track 6)
WK569: background sounds manipulation (Tracks 6 & 7)
Maurizio Nobili: reciter (Track 5)

"There’s an old joke among instrumentalists: What do you call someone who hangs around with musicians? Answer: A singer.
While this stereotype is overgeneralized to the point of being offensive, it is sadly too often the case that vocalists, particularly in the realm of mainstream commercial music, lack the deep musical knowledge of their instrumental counterparts. But one vocalist who emphatically puts the lie to this questionable cliché is the protean Boris Savoldelli, whose latest album, The Great Jazz Gig in the Sk,y of his trio Savoldelli - Casarano - Bardoscia stunningly demonstrates that he is at least the equal of any instrumentalist - nay, any group of instrumentalists.
Naturally, Boris didn’t take an easy path in choosing to reimagine one of the most sacred albums of all time, Pink Floyd’s monumental "Dark Side of the Moon." It surely didn’t help that it’s also one of the most frequently covered works of progressive music, from symphonic treatments to chamber arrangements to legions of Floyd tribute bands. But Boris always disdains the easy path, and unlike the many sterile, note-for-note versions of Dark Side proffered by lesser talents, his rendition truly distinguishes itself by taking a strikingly imaginative and boldly creative new approach to the familiar material - in this case, a wholly absorbing interpretation that reflects his lifelong love of jazz and improvisation.
Boris pulls out all the stops with his vast arsenal of unparalleled vocal techniques, augmented by his provocative electronic treatments. But The Great Jazz Gig is much more than just a vocal showcase, highlighting the formidable creative gifts of his partners, saxophonist extraordinaire Raffaele Casarano and bassist supreme Marco Bardoscia, plus a roster of distinguished guest musicians. The result is a kaleidoscopic marvel of sounds and emotions, delivered with élan, humor, impeccable musicianship, and above all a deep, abiding love for his inspirations. In a tour-de-force album that, we’re sure all lunatics will agree, truly deserves the superlative "great," open-eared listeners have been gifted with a truly magnificent milestone from the fertile mind of the singular Boris Savoldelli."
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