Scapa Flow - Uuteen Aikaan

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First-ever reissue of this rare album that has always gone for good money. Now you can own it for only 'ok' money!...

"The only album by Scapa Flow is a highlight of Nordic progressive rock. The beautiful and effortless vocals by Noponen and Järvinen, combined with a knack for slightly uncommon, yet easily accessible melodies, and the impeccable ensemble playing, make for appealing listening throughout. There is a tendency towards symphonic textures without ever yielding to pomposity, a rare accomplishment indeed! Most of the melodies have a gently melancholic character and the sparsely employed solos are always tasteful. The climax of the album must be the last cut on side 2, "Askel Ylöspäin" (Steps Upward), one of the peaks of world-wide progressive music, with its arching and serene melody and superbly elegant arrangement. Truly recommended."-Scented Gardens of the Mind
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